Ridgevale Stories

The Story So Far

The rough event history of the game so far is as follows: Each for their own reason, the PCs were accompanying a caravan from the small farmer settlement of Ferodale heading to the newly settled town of Ridgevale Cross – a town that promised to be a up-and-coming trade crossroads and a place for many people to carve out a name for themselves. Along the way, the caravan was attacked by a large group of bandits (seemingly human) who slayed the vast majority of the travelers and ransacked most of the goods from the wagons. Of the 33 total travelers, only 8 survived the assault – the 5 PCs, Hilby the dwarven guard, Cubin the gnomish bard, and Allison the human child. The remaining group continued on to Ridgevale Cross and helped reunite Allison with her father, being stopped twice at toll booths along the way – as well as seeing a battered robed corpse on the road heading in, which Dave’s character had seen being brutalized by a pair of gnolls. Cubin helped the PCs get established quarters at the inn, partly own by his brother Rubin. In town they met a fair number of people (more details available under the ‘Characters’ tab above), learned that Ridgevale Cross was built on a fault line, learned that there have been attacks on the town and it’s people by the native orcs that were driven away by the town founders, and learned that there has an increasing number of gnoll sightings. Bragg, the captain of the local guard, questioned the party on the events of the caravan and eventually enlisted them to do some reconnaissance on the orcish tribes who were rumored to be uniting and organizing to plan an attack on the town. The party rested overnight at the inn, picked up a couple potions from the local wizard Carolinus the next morning, and then headed out northwest into the woodlands. They encountered and slayed a few gnolls (after unsuccessfully attempting to get some information out of them through torture), and avoided a few more. Eventually they came across a down-trodden group of orcs who appeared to be evacuating the area, and pulled on aside to question her. The orc told the party that the orcs were indeed gathering under a common banner to attack the town, but that they were doing so because their new homeland was being overrun by gnolls and they were considerably more afraid of the gnolls than of the people of Ridgevale Cross. Heading further in, the party was spotted by the orcs who sounded a loud alarm. The party turned and headed by in towards town. On their way back, the party found a drunken man (Rob2) who decided to accompany them. Back in town, the party saw a group of lizardfolk requesting an audience with Bragg and the mayor, Lombardi. The party relayed their new information with Bragg, and discussed the lizardfolk’s visit. Nicole suggested they attempt to ally with the lizardfolk against the gnolls, knowing that if the gnolls were dealt with, the orcs would no longer feel threatened and assumedly leave Ridgevale Cross alone. Agreeing to set out in the morning, the party was met at the inn that night by Carolinus who told them he had a job for them. The next morning the party was awakened by Sera, the daughter of Carolinus who said her father was calling for them. The wizard asked them to retrieve for him a lost tome that was in a small tomb in the northern part of the Marshwood were the lizardfolk live. The party gained the trust of some lizardfolk by helping them defeat a band of gnolls. The lizards then took the party to meet with Adala, the lizard Empress. Before heading back to town, the party headed north to seek out the tomb the wizard told them of. Finding a small tomb-like ruins underground, the party was attacked by two trolls who appeared to be living within. The party slayed the trolls, decapitated them, and took the heads outside of the tomb and away from the lifeless troll bodies. Dave slipped on a loose stair on his way back into the tomb, and found a small chest below the false stair with a couple pieces of enchanted equipment. For now, the party is catching their breath inside the first room of the tomb where they encounted the trolls, a door inside currently remains unopened….

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